Get the Day You Deserve the Easy Way

If you are like any average American worker, you feel overworked and underpaid. You can never catch a break when you need it. Why leave it in the hands of fate… or worse, your boss? Take your fate in your own hands by making sure you get a little rest when you need it most. How do you do this? Your boss has probably heard enough of your lame excuses. Just use a fake doctor’s note to help ensure that you get a day off without having to use a personal day. You may think this is very easy to do yourself and you are going to go write one yourself and you’ll be having your own Ferris Bueller experience in no time. But what are your options?


Option Number One: Write Your Own Noteyellowtesti

This is a terrible idea. I repeat, you should absolutely not make a doctor’s note on your own and try to use it. It may sound easy just jot down something about someone being too sick to work, sign an illegible signature and call it good. Your employer wasn’t born yesterday. They will figure it out pretty quickly and then you will probably have more than just one day off the rest and relax… You’ll be looking for a new job. If you try on your own, you’ll be in bigger trouble than the size of Texas.
One quick Google search may show you that you don’t need to write your own absence note. There are plenty of sites all over the Internet that claim to give you perfectly good fake doctor’s notes to be sure to give you a great excuse to leave school work for the day. Again, this may seem like an even better idea than writing your own. It’s still free and you don’t even have to do any work to get a Scot-free excuse from work. This is obviously a perfectly viable route right? WRONG.

Option Number Two: Find a Free Doctor’s Note

Free doctor’s notes online are another very very bad idea. Let me give you an example: if you work in a big company, you can’t be the only one who wants a day off of work every now and then. If that is true (and it obviously is), your coworkers have to be just as eager to find a way to get a release from the office. Say your coworkers thought of a fake doctor’s note before you did and found these great fake doctor’s notes and printed one off and used it. Even if they didn’t get caught that time, you have to be worried that your boss isn’t as dumb as they act and gets suspicious that Dr. Smith has said that multiple employees have the exact same flu with the exact same letter. Once again, the use of fake doctor’s note sends you out of the office without a job.
So what option is really left to us? We can’t write our own note. We can’t use one of the free ones online. What is an over-worked and underpaid worker to do? One site we really like for doctors notes is

BEST Option: Buy a Fake Doctor’s Note

I know, this idea immediately sounds like a bad one. You have to spend money to get the same thing you think you can get for free. Now here is where you are wrong. Those free sample letters online have no guarantee they will be legitimate. Well here is news for you: reputable companies will guarantee that their fake doctor’s notes are legit or you will get your money back. A great site to actually buy doctors notes  is

And, even better, they don’t just have doctor’s notes. They know that submitting the same generic doctor’s note over and over again isn’t going to keep working. So instead of just finding notes that say you have a cold, good sites will have a variety of types of notes with many options of format or template. You can buy a note from a dentist, blank hospital forms and discharge papers and just about every option you can think of from any number of medical Drs. The numbers of templates is absolutely astounding. The best part: they are all printable right from home.

How do these companies feel so confident in their letters? They are always looking at the latest in notes from doctors and hospitals to make sure that your note will be accepted by your boss. Using examples from the biggest names in medicine, like Kaiser Permanente, you can be sure that you are getting your money’s worth tenfold when you buy a good fake doctor’s note. You can’t pay enough for a piece of mind. So if you need a day off (or maybe a couple…), there is no better option that to buy yourself a fake doctor’s note. Or maybe you should buy a handful to have just in case “one of those days” comes along suddenly.

A long story short, a good fake doctor’s note is a surefire way to get yourself out of the office today with no questions asked. You can’t write your own, you shouldn’t use a free one so for a little investment, you can get a huge return on investment. With all of the options of templates, it doesn’t take long until the letters pay for themselves. So if you feel a cold coming on, be sure to buy and download a note today and take tomorrow off. You can return to work the next day refreshed and ready for action and no one will be the wiser.

The Fake Doctors Note is Your Secret Weapon in Self Preservation

If you’re tired, beat up and need a break.. there is a solution for you

There could be a number of reasons you need a break from work. And most of the time, they are for what would medically or ethically be called a very good reason. But in reality, you probably won’t get that much needed break. Your boss may be the most understanding guy in the world, but if you don’t have a valid reason for taking the day off, you’re not going to get it. The business world is what dictates his schedule, and that is what dictates yours. Unflinching, unrelenting demands of the world are placing demands on your body, and they can’t always be answered without taking a break (See this article on Overworked America). And sometimes, that break needs to be longer than from five PM in the evening until eight AM the next day.

In the unforgiving business world, how are you going to rest when you need it? You’ve got to have a tool that can come to your aid when the time is right. You need something that is recognized by the clinically cold hearted business world that you actually deserve a break. That break is going to come in the form of paper work, because anything can happen in the business world as long as you have a paper trail that can cover both you and your bosses behind.

Announcing the opportunity to get a much needed break and not have to spend the day at the clinic.

You can now get that break with a fake doctor’s note. This is a note that that has your name and your presumed doctor’s office, and gives a quick overview of your condition. It can also give a date and time in which your examination was conducted. It can even go so far as to break down time you checked in and time you discharged. You can get them for the professional sources you need, so that if you told your employer or teacher something quickly, off the cuff, you can get a fake note from a source that keeps your story consistent. They can be made with a format to look like an emergency room release form, or a long stay hospital release. You can get it to look like a regular doctor’s visit, a lab result, or like a visit to a walk in clinic.

From an employer perspective, as long as they have all the information that there are supposed to have, you will most likely get your day off. If you can get a note that has specific limitations to your duty, you may even be able to go to work and have your duties altered to give you something that you can more comfortably do.

Think of the times in your life when you could have used a timely fake doctor’s note.

Obviously, it includes those times when you were hung over and didn’t want to go to work and show your boss that you used bad judgment and went out on a weeknight instead of saving it for the weekend. Most often, it may have nothing to with getting partied up. In the real world, people get sick. They eat things that don’t agree with them. They also develop chronic conditions that cause them a lot of pain and discomfort on an ongoing basis.

Even when you’re not sick you have a million good reasons for a fake doctor’s note. Sometimes, it’s worth the trade to give up some wages to go sit in the line at the store on black Friday. Or maybe you need to get a head start on a given Friday to get out town on your vacation. You could use a fake doctor’s note if:

• Your kids are sick and you can’t afford a baby sitter.
• You have to to make it to the football game.
• You need some extra time on an assignment and an excused absence is the only way to get it.
• You need to get a teacher off your back.

There are purposes other than just trying to excuse an absence. Maybe you just need to bluff your way into some privileged consideration.

• Considerations for test anxiety
• Excused from particular work situations because of your height or even weight
• Get defined physical limitations like no lifting, or bending, or running


Quality professional letters are the key in making a note look legitimate. Where can I get good ones?

These fake doctors’ notes are usually available from online sources. Some creative notes are versatile and can be altered to be used in any state. Most of the time, you can see a sample and then order it. You pick from a list of templates that offer all the choices of given situations that you might need. Once you have the template you want, customize it to the person and location you need. Because it is an online source you can get it any time you need. The information can be input yourself and after paying a modest amount, you can download printable doctor’s forms right on your computer at home. Because they can cover numerous situations you can use them in a lot of different situations.

• At work
• At School
• On a bus for preferred seating
• On a plane

And with a little imagination, the sky is the limit as to their usefulness.

You can benefit, you can get your kids a break, and how about a gift for your boy or girl friend?

The list of people that could use a doctor’s note is endless. The real question is who do you know that could use one? Of course this is not the kind of thing that you can over use yourself. But it’s altogether possible that you could help someone else out with them. If you’re thinking of a nice creative Christmas gift for your significant other, surprise them with tickets to a show and a great dinner all made possible because you bought the day off for them with a doctors release.

Often, it will be easy to get an early start on a vacation if you get out of town a little early. You know the kids won’t mind getting a couple of days head start on spring vacation. Why not get a carefully crafted letter that explains how multiple kids in your family have been treated with a contagious flue and should take about two days off.

Who do you need a note from? How about a Dr., or hospital or dentist?


With the versatility of these official forms, you can get the professional you need. An emergency room will excuse you being out all night. The wait time for a hospital is a well accepted fact. In another situation, you may want to say that it was just a quick visit to a walking clinic because you have Kaiser Permanente and that’s what they covered.

What’s the harm? When you know you can be covered at work and you really need a break, better to take it instead of giving a sub par performance. We all know that being at work with a bright attitude and a healthy outlook is the best thing to do. Once in a while, however, people need to grab control of their own schedule and take a day off. There will always be more work to do and days when you are in better shape to do it.

Make it a point to stay in touch with your own needs not just the needs of your boss. In the end, you are the only one that is going to be able to tell when you need a break. A very caring boss that sees your shoulders drooping may tell you to take the day off. In truth, at that point it’s more of a penalty. The time you should have gotten a day off was a week past.

Inconvenience in trying to see a doctor is another reason to get a fake doctors note. To get your regular doctor to see a condition that is affecting your performance and write a note may be one or two months off. If you don’t have any medical coverage, you may not get seen at all. If you are doing something at work that is aggravating your condition then you need to stop. You may not be able to wait for the next time you get in to see the doctor. Even if you do get into see him, he could end up consuming hours of the day with testing and waiting rooms just to tell you a bunch of stuff you already know. Not to mention that when you finally do get a diagnosis from the doctor, it may say what’s wrong with you but with no guarantee that will get you the day off. That is why it’s nice to be able to buy one that does.

Why not just fake my own Doctors note like I did when I faked my excuse notes at school as a kid?

The reason that so many people are finding fake doctor’s notes so useful is because they are made to look legit. With the many different practices out there, are you sure that you are getting a note that speaks the lingo of that industry? When you look at a blank piece of paper can you be sure that you are going to create a convincing note? If you get it from a friend or from a free source you could end up getting a note that just doesn’t look quite right and then what happens? Its best to use a winning formula that helps you cover the days you were missing and get on with it. It’s easy; just print it from your computer.

How to Use Doctor Notes for School

Sometimes work can pile up at school and students are left with very limited time to do something very important. It can seem like you spend so much time doing all of the little stuff that you barely had time to squeeze in the one big important thing, like studying for a test. This is not necessarily your fault because you were still doing work the whole time, not being lazy or slacking off. So what are you supposed to do when you have a huge test in the morning and you’ve only gotten an hour with of studying in? If you skip school to study for the test you are likely to get in trouble with the school administration and your teacher most likely won’t let you make up the exam.

This is when a fake doctor’s note can come in handy. You can take the day off from school, study for your test, and return the next day without having to worry about getting in trouble. (that is IF you tell your lie properly! See here). You can also do much better on your test than you would have if you took it the day it was scheduled for.

It is easy to get a fake doctor’s excuse, but it is important that you go about getting one the right way. Most students who think to bring a fake doctor’s note into school just write one themselves at home. This is a very bad idea and it will absolutely land you in trouble at school. It is easy to tell that these homemade doctor’s notes are fake.

Fake doctor’s notes made with free online templates are also a bad idea. These fake doctor’s notes look very unprofessional. They are often lacking the details that makes a doctor’s note look real, such as a logo at the top of the page. These are both unreliable ways to get fake doctor notes for school, and by doing so you are setting yourself up to get in trouble with the school administration and take a failing grade on the exam that you skipped school to study for.

One of the best places to get doctor notes for school is

Instead of bringing in either one of these fake doctor’s notes, you should consider purchasing a fake doctor’s note online. There are many fake doctor’s notes that you can get for a very reasonable price. These are quality notes that will convince your school that you were sick while you were really preparing for your exam. Once you purchase your fake doctor’s note, you can print it off immediately, which eliminates the waiting and hassle of shipping.

School can throw an overwhelming amount of work your way every once in a while. Don’t let this stress you out or drag down your GPA. Get a note to give yourself the time you need to properly prepare for an exam and return to school without getting in trouble. Make sure you purchase your fake doctor’s note online to guarantee you are receiving a quality product.

How to Cheat on an Exam

How to Cheat on an Exam

Taking an exam is one of the more common things you need to do when going to school. At times you may not know all of the answers and therefore will be in some trouble. When this situation comes up you will be tempted to cheat on the exam. Fortunately there are numerous ways you can cheat on an exam. You can write down information on a piece of paper and have it on hand while you take the test. People looking to cheat on an exam can also look at someone elses test paper, have the textbook on their lap, have notes on their lap and also get a copy of the test if they can. By doing these things you will easily be able to cheat on an exam.The first way you can cheat on an exam is to put information on a piece of paper and have it on hand during the test. This is simply a sheet of paper you use with all of the answers on it. By using this piece of paper you will have the means to get all the answers you need in order to pass and do well on the test. Using a piece of paper is one of the better ways to cheat on an exam. This can also be one of the easiest as you can make it look as if you have the test on your desk and only that when you also have the sheet as well.Another way you can cheat on an exam is to look at someone else’s test paper. This may be a bit risky as the person’s test paper you look at may not have the correct answer. However in many cases they do and you can at least get an idea of what the answer may be. As a result looking at another test paper can give you a good way to cheat on an exam. If you are looking to find a way to cheat on an exam then you will want to consider looking at another person’s paper.

When looking to cheat on an exam you can also benefit by having the textbook on your lap while taking the test. This may be a hard thing to do but if you are sitting in the right place then you will have a good chance of pulling this off. Having the textbook on your lap will allow you to get certain information you need in order to do well on the exam. This can include definitions and basic facts you will need to know. Using the textbook can help you cheat on an exam.

It will also be beneficial to have notes on your lap while taking the test as well. This is when you simply have notes on your lap that you took during class. The notes will usually have key information you need in order to answer the questions correctly. When you are looking to cheat on an exam using notes is yet another very good thing to use.

How to cheat on any test

How to Bluff Your Way to Success

There is an old adage that says “perception is reality.” What this means is the way something appears is how something is. Similar to if it looks like a duck, and sounds like a duck, it’s a duck. So how does this apply to bluffing your way to success? It really begins with the way you present yourself.Be aware of the people you are around, especially when those individuals are holding a position that is higher than yours. Be very cordial with these people, and work hard at trying to become their friends. Making friends with those in higher positions than yours can change the way they look at you when it comes time for promotions or pay raises. No matter what anyone says, a boss is much more likely to offer a better job with better pay to someone he knows he gets along with than someone he hardly knows.

Always look busy, even when you might not be doing anything at all. This means that when you are in between places, walk like you have something that simply cannot wait much longer. People will begin to take notice of this upbeat pace of yours, and generally assume that you are always busy, even if you get to your desk in a rush to tap your pencils.

Success follows those that know they’ll be successful. Walk into your job like you own the place, and that you can do your job better than anyone else in your department. You might not actually be better than they are at their jobs, but your attitude will send a message to upper management that you are someone that takes pride in their work and shows up with a competitive nature to outdo everyone else.

Maybe you do not have the kind of personality that goes along with a prideful strut and attitude. So you have to work to make yourself indispensable and valuable in other ways. Consider that those who do their job better than anyone else can be jerks and never get fired. If you do your job at the average acceptable level, you have to be generally liked. If you cannot do your job very well at all, people need to love you. You can easily keep a job as well as get promoted just on being likeable and good to have around.

Bluffing your way to success is all about your attitude and what you are willing to do to change your current position to a better one. It does not mean that you have to work harder or even be better than anyone else, it just has to seem like it.

Three Reasons Why You Should Avoid Using Free Fake Hospital Notes for Work

If you need a good reason for missing work or simply need a way to get out of work in the future, you may want to consider using fake hospital notes for work. The consequences of missing an important day of work can be severe, so it’s important that you’re prepared to provide a legitimate excuse. Just make sure you don’t just use any note. Many people think they can download free fake notes that can be downloaded online but this comes with many dangers.

First, freely available hospital excuse notes usually have some missing elements compared to a real note. Some employers are aware of how the authentic letters look and will question the letter if something seems to be out of place. You have to make sure that the letter has the correct contact information of the doctor, a medical description that makes sense, and the official signature and stamp. If your note is missing any of those elements, you shouldn’t take the risk.

Second, you’ll be risking losing your job and even going to jail with you’re using a note that can easily be spotted. While the consequences aren’t as severe for students, it’s taken very seriously in the real world. You’ll be charged with forgery and will be given jail time and fined. Your reputation is at stake here. Don’t try to use free notes you can find online.

Third, if you’re caught using a bad fake hospital note, you can be sued by the doctor or hospital. In most cases, the organization or person that had their signature forged will not find out about the misdemeanor. But there is a rare chance that your employer might report it to the correct person. This will likely be a fairly easy case for the person seeking a lawsuit, and you’ll end up paying dearly for it.

If you’re looking to use fake hospital notes for work, then the chances are that you need to get out of a serious situation. You want to make sure that you minimize your risk as much as possible. To do this, you should seek fake notes that you can purchase from a reputable vendor. They can provide notes that look realistic and won’t be questioned by your employer and fellow employees.

Just remember to use the fake notes cautiously. You may be able to get away with these notes for the first few times but suspicion is bound to rise if it becomes a habit. You should only rely on these notes only when you’re in a difficult situation.

Using a Medical Excuse Like a True Con-Artist

There are several reasons why a person would want to have a few days off from work, school or other commitments; perhaps they want to take a trip to an amusement park with a family member that unexpectedly visited, or maybe they want to have a few hours of rest. However, it is very difficult to get a few days off from obligations without a legitimate excuse and not suffer some consequences. But, did you know that there are several websites that sell fake medical excuses; now, you can get a few days off work, school or other commitments without suffering consequences. Nevertheless, there are five mistakes that you can make when selecting doctors Excuses.

#1: Don’t Make the Note Yourself
One of the worst mistakes that you can make when trying to get a fake doctor’s note is to make one yourself. A lot of people decide to make the fake note themselves in order to save a few dollars, but that is not an effective way to create an authentic looking medical excuse. The reason why you shouldn’t make your own medical excuses is because you probably can’t duplicate the details in an authentic document; therefore, maximizing your chances of getting caught and then getting into trouble. Instead of making the note yourself, purchase one at a legitimate company. The probability is that you didn’t know that there are several websites that offer fake doctor’s notes and printable templates. Going to a website to purchase your fake doctor’s note is a much better option because these companies know how to make the medical excuse look real.

#2: Pay Attention to the Details
After you print out the note, make sure to examine it for inconsistencies. Just because a note looks authentic on the computer screen doesn’t mean that it will look legitimate when you print it out. So, try to print out three different notes and examine each one of them and pick the one that looks the most legitimate.

#3: Choose Authentic Details
A common mistake that a lot of people make is that they put a hospital or doctor that doesn’t exist in their doctor’s note. Instead of making up a fake doctor, you should use the name of a nearby doctor or hospital in your letterhead. In addition, make sure to check for any inconsistencies or things that don’t make sense. For example: instead of choosing a flesh eating disease as your excuse, choose a believable illness like a cold, flu, food poisoning and so forth.

#4: Know What to Look for in Your Medical Excuses
A good doctor’s note has consistent and uniform details throughout the entire body. Make sure that the font size and style is the same throughout the entire note. In addition, make sure that the letterhead looks real and that it is uniformly printed and centered. And finally, make sure that the doctor’s name and signature look legitimate; if the doctor’s name looks fake and made up, you shouldn’t use that note.

#5: Have Back up Documents to Back up Your Excuse
Sometimes, an employer or school will require additional documents in order to verify the excuse; therefore, you should always be prepared.

How to Stay Calm when Using Fake Pregnancy Letter from the Doctor

A fake pregnancy letter from doctor can help a woman out in many different situations. Whether it is to take the day off from work, to pull a prank or to break the news to your partner, these doctor notes make it easy to take care of all of your needs. Of course once you have the letter in hand the daunting task of delivering that note is still inevitable. This is a tricky piece of the puzzle, and can make or break the entire ordeal. When you are using a fake pregnancy note, keep these three tips in mind and you are sure to pull things off just the way you want them.

1. Remain Calm

The first sign of deceit is nervousness. Ensure that you stay cool, calm and collected when delivering the note to the intended recipient. Look the person in the eyes, speak with confidence and never shy away or fumble with words when you are handing the note over. This is a sure way for the person to suspect that you are not being completely truthful with them.

2. Ensure Accuracy

Another sure way to get busted on the pregnancy letter from doctor is entering inaccurate or inappropriate dates and times. Check your dates and check them twice to ensure that you have things right and as they should be. You may even want to consider having a close friend or relative (one that you can trust with your secret, of course) look over the note before you give it to the person that you have created it for.

3. Use Real-Looking Fake Forms

Just because the form is fake does not mean that it has to look that way. You can find many companies offering these fake notes, but not all of them are created the same. Take the time to look for companies offering realistic looking templates and the hard work is almost complete for you!

As you can see these three tips are pretty realistic, and if you want to send a fake pregnancy note, be sure to follow them all. When you do you can always expect the results that you are after; nothing more, nothing less.